I’ve joined Slimming World. I need to shed some serious poundage. I’ve never tried a support group before so I’m hoping that their enthusiasm and wisdom will help to inspire me to carry on till it’s all gone. I’ve got a really nice wardrobe just waiting for my thighs to shrink! The food is awesome, I have to say. Graeme & I had a corn tortilla filled with a fresh salad, chili, a splodg of sour cream and some grated cheese. Yummie!

Jackson dances to the tv. I love it. He’s starting to sing as well. Upon coming downstairs tonight after having been tucked in, I asked him what he was doing. He gave a cheeky grin and sat down on the chair opposite. That’s when Graeme showed up freaking out that he was sitting down and saying, “Get off that chair! You’ve got poo everywhere!” I couldn’t see or smell it until the diaper was removed. Now it’s stinking up the whole house. That boy is so cute, though. I swear he looks like Chocolate Thun-da.

chocolate thun-dathing 1 & 2

Alex drew a picture tonight of herself and me. She was tiny and I was HUGE. She came into the living room tonight snd said to her dad & I, “I haven’t wee’ed myself. You wanna check? Here go ahead. Can I have pudding and a story?” Kids are so funny. They really believe that we have no clue. How funny. I remember wondering how my parents always seemed to know everything I was up to. I thought they were magic. I didn’t realise it was because I was gullable.

Betty is as fast as greased lightning when it comes to getting up onto the kitchen table. She likes to dance, too, only it looks more like she’s stomping a bug. And she’s learning to sing, or hum. Whichever. I’m just proud. She’s got a great smile and loves to give kisses.


My children are awesome. Especially when they’re asleep.

~ by imadethis on October 14, 2006.

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