Let Us Spray

run Spot run

Alex has always had a tendency to trip the light fantastic. Typically we’d laugh it off and go about our business. Every now and then, however, it requires a bit of abulatory care. This comes in the form of Elastoplast Spray which travels with us in our Aloha Scooby Doo backpack. Now Alex is known for her sensitivity in equal measure as her courage. And she’s tough. So when she tripped and scraped her knee I wasn’t surprised when she reacted with curiousity rather than pain. Sighting a bit of blood, I decided the best defence would be a quick spray. Now keep in mind this was our first time spraying. Alex was a bit cautious, but I was all for it. I’d used something similar on myself without a problem.

That’s when all Hell broke loose. Boy does that girl have a powerful set of lungs on her! She was inconsolable. I couldn’t understand it. It didn’t make any sense. The reaction did not match the situation. So naturally I reckoned that she was over reacting in an attempt to gain a lot of attention and sympathy. OK. She’s only 4. I gave a couple of seconds to gather her thoughts, a quick cuddle and we were on our way again. (Yes, I’m a hard woman)

Nowadays, if Alex trips, stumbles or even becomes slightly unbalanced, the reaction is a lot different. She IMMEDIATELY shouts, “I’m OK! I’m OK!” It’s like a comedy routine. She’s so traumatised by The Spray that she would rather pretend nothing happened rather than face the remote possibilty of another shot of Elastoplast. Poor thing.

You know what? About a week ago I cut my foot. Very slightly. Not even any blood. But I thought to myself, “What a good opportunity to try out The Spray!” So I did.

That’s when all Hell broke loose. I about passed out from the shock! Good Gosh does that stuff stings! It was crazy! Like someone poured chili powder on my scrape! Have you ever had a brand new blister on your foot and put it into a really hot bath? OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEE! Like that.

And all I could think about, after recouperated, was how horrible I was to Alex. What must she have felt? Why couldn’t I have been more understanding? And loving? I’m such a shit Mom.

Then that song came into my head….

I’m a crazy mama, what’s it all about?
hear me whinge, whine, moan and pout


~ by imadethis on October 16, 2006.

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