a real quickie

another time, another place

This is a REAL QUICKIE. I’m beat and am just about to hop into bed. Graeme is down in Nottingham on a training course for a few days so it’s me and the ‘bairns’. Today we shopped, ate at Micky D’s (despite Graeme and I telling the kids that eating at McDonalds will turn you into a pig, which actually caused Alex great distress. She was almost ready to go without what was once a wonderful indulgance.) But I told her not to worry, it doesn’t ALWAYS turn you into a pig. We decided to chance it. I’d like to say we all passed unscathed, but Mommy did make a few oinking noises. (You should’ve seen her face! Classic)

Then we caught the bus for nursery. A nursery pal got on midway. She and Morgen sat up in the 2 high seats at the front giggling. An elderly gentleman got on the bus (He really had a foul odour, as you do when the bladder weakens). Alex and Morgen began to hold their noses and Ooooooooohhhh something smells… giggle giggle. I was MORTIFIED. I explained to Alex (let Vicky deal with Morgen) that it was VERY rude to make such noises. That she was behaving inappropriately. And, most importantly, she might be hurting someone’s feelings if they heard her. She stopped immediately and proceeded to parrot it right back to Morgen. Once off the bus Vicky and I gave each other the’ knowing look’. YES IT WAS HORRENDOUS enough for everyone on the bus to open their windows…. but by God my child will have manners!

Alex got her own back when we were walking back home after nursery. I’m sure it was just as accident…(?) Anyway, so there we were in Norton Village, The High Street no less, when Alex trips and spills her just opened bottle of OJ all over the back of my pants. And, being the height she is, it appeared as though I’d wee’ed myself. I walked all the way home with wet sticky pants. Poetic Justice or what?

Life is funny.

I was just reading the comments made by classmates who’d attended the reunion. Sounds like everyone had a REALLY GOOD TIME! I regret that we weren’t there. But it can’t be helped, I’m afraid. Maybe we’ll make it to the next one in 2011.

good night (so much for a quickie)

By the way, the picture is of me and Graeme at Susan’s wedding rehearsal dinner (Charleston, SC 1998). Party! Party! Party to the People! (how lame. It’s the only picture I had on hand to upload remotely having anything to do with the blog-I’m thinking the reunion) And yes, I realise I look like a deer caught in headlights! That weekend Graeme ate a 18″ Papa John’s pizza all by himself. I was so impressed.


~ by imadethis on October 17, 2006.

3 Responses to “a real quickie”

  1. Hey trish
    Love the oj piece i actually laughed out loud!
    Have trouble e-mailing you will try again soon xxxx

  2. Hey, Hazel! You are the FIRST PERSON TO COMMENT ON MY WEBSITE! : ) Thanks.

    I swear. If I didn’t live this stuff, I’d think I was making it all up.

    Trish xxxx

  3. Thanks for your great post i am doing a study on this and you really helped me out here




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