my crappy pillow

crappy pillow
Note the finishing on this! I made this REAL fast one night. Graeme needed to leave feedback for a sewing machine he’d purchased online. I hadn’t made time to try it out yet so I decided I’d make a pillow. I had grandiose ideas of adding flange, or a ruffle or even a crocheted lacey trim. I’d even checked out numerous books from the library for ideas and instructions. But I didn’t have time. He needed to leave FEEDBACK!

How hard could it be? Just a square. Nothing fancy. I eyeballed it, as you can see. Everything was going ok until the final bit. I sewed it, turned it out, stuffed it and then I totally ruined what little chance it had at a reputable life. I can NEVER figure out how to FINISH a sewing project. I mean `finish’ as in sewing up the final bit. It looks terrible.

Does anyone have any hints on how to do this? I’ve read you’re supposed to use a slip stitch. But how exactly? I know how to slip stitch, but how do I position the fabric so it has a nice finish?

Any help much appreciated.

Here’s the pattern:

1. Cut out two squares any size you like. (I used the front and back of an old sweater).

2. With right sides facing sew around all sides leaving about 2 inches for turning (preferably not at a corner!).

3. Turn, stuff and hand stitch that last two inches (Or you can use the sewing machine, as I did, to create a really nasty edge).

Embellishing is not my forte YET, so this is just as simple as it gets. Have fun and send me a picture if you actually use this pattern!!! : )

~ by imadethis on October 17, 2006.

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