Needlebook Finished!

front pages
Well it’s finally finished. I’ve even started working on Alex’s replacement poncho again. And actively seeking a new project as a back up. Thinking about start and heart ornaments for the christmas tree. Just joined eBay and immediately bid on and won some nice fabric. eBay fabric

It’s been a bit difficult to keep up, especially now that Alex is back at nursery. And a cold is travelling through the house. Alex is particularly stuffy. Mostly because she stuck a pen in her nose on the walk home yesterday and it started bleeding. I was in a real hurry to leave the house and so decided to leave the ALOHA Scooby Doo backpack at home. Therefore I had nothing but a picture she drew to mop up th blood. Think the Tate Gallery would be intrested? And I’m trying to potty train Jackson still. He’s doing VERY well. It’s me who’s losing it. It’s like cleaning up at a kennel sometimes. Alex wee’s herself often. Jackson’s learning and Betty’s still in diapers. On any given day I’m wiping someone’s poo and wee from somewhere it shouldn’t be. Yesterday, my neighbor asked me if I’d lost the will to live. The truth is, it’s always crazy in this household!

Looking forward to driving again. I’ll be able to legally drive as a learner in a couple of weeks. Gosh it’ll be nice to have a car again. I can’t believe I’ve been able to get along so long without one.

Nothing extremely exciting happening on this end. Just feeling lousy and full of cold. Reunion weekend for all my JTH pals. I really will miss the opportunity to get aquainted with friends’ families!
betty asleepa
Well. Betty fell asleep in her cot tonight BY HERSELF WITHOUT CRYING!!!!! OMG!!!! I’m SOOOO happy. I realise I’ll have her back in the bed later on tonight, but this is a major step. I don’t agree with letting children cry themselves to sleep. Again, to each his own. But in my opinion, children need all the love they can get NOW. They’ll have plenty of time in their lives to look back. And I sure hope mine will feel warmth and love when remembering their childhood. (I’ll be enrolling on a hypnotherapy course before the teen years with a view to permanently eradicating any memories of Mommy shouting “Get out of here!”)

~ by imadethis on October 17, 2006.

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