The Wind in the Pillows

Why does Betty need to be awake in order to fart? Can’t she just let ’em rip under the covers like her Dad? (or ever so daintily like her mother?) And just why exactly do I need to be present?

In the dead of night Betty wakes up. Just as I’m starting to dream. It’s inevitable. Kinda like what happens when you make yourself a hot coffee or tea. Something will inevitably come up. By the time you get a chance to drink the concoction it’s so cold it needs to be nuked(microwaved). I’ve been known to triple nuke before finally tossing it out. I digress.

Anyway, Suddenly I hear the infamous and udderly annoying moan. I lay still, half-in and half-out of consiousness, hoping it will pass, that this time she’ll manage to go back to sleep on her own. I’m not afforded the luxury of finishing the thought before the moan becomes a cry. And I know if I let it carry on, it will wake up Jackson, who will then also require late-night parental supervision. So I shuffle out of bed, grousing and grumbling all the way to the cot. Then I scoop Betty up in my arms and pull her close, wrapping my arms all around her. She fits so perfectly right now. Immediately she lets go of her last sigh and cuddles in to my neck. Suddenly I remember how much I love her. The disparity of my thoughts and feelings allude me. Just minutes before I was so exasperated, cross and tired. Suddenly I’m back to the maternal lioness protecting my cub. Motherhood is so confusing.

She spends the rest of the night sprawled spread eagle between me and Graeme. Somehow I end up with about one quarter of the bed, my arm tingling because it hasn’t moved in about 4 hours for fear of waking sleeping beauty. And there’s the constant nursing, that despite my likeness to a milk cow (did you get the joke?) for the last 4 years, I have not yet learned the fine art of sleep-nursing. IT STILL KEEPS ME AWAKE. Especially when I’m continually foiling her attempts at groping for the free one. I’m really getting to the end of my tether with this one. If it didn’t keep me awake all night and accompany a chimpish “eee eee eee” everytime I tried to assert my independence I might be more forgiving.

Well. She’s already in our bed. And she’s already started her farting ritual. Dang it! Looks like another long night.

Hope everyone else has a decent sleep!


~ by imadethis on October 18, 2006.

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