the Witching Hour

monster Alex

(moving posts from previous blog. pardon the repitition)

So what is it about evening that makes everyone (with small children) crazy? I suppose anyone would be a babbling idiot if by 5pm you’ve had no one but your children and the Teletubbies to keep you company. It starts at 4 pm with simple annoyances like shouting at each other or changing the channel. Cue Alex screaming at Jackson for pressing PLAY on the DVD player which starts the whole ELMO IN GROUCHLAND for the millionth time. He hides until the helicopter from the trailer finishes. Sometimes we get LET’S MAKE MUSIC during which he hides as Bert, trying to sound like a tuba, ends up sounding like a bull. A very happy cow runs in saying, “Where is it? Where is that Bull who called me? I’m in love!” Good for him. Anyway, it quickly spirals into incessant whining, attitude and crying when things don’t go as planned. The children have a hard time, too.

So Graeme came home tonight and immediately started helping out, as he does, trying to corral the rugrats away from pretty much everything in a futile attempt to get them to relax for a moment. Mind you, they are not total heathens, although I have been known to use this word in times of stress. I’m always conscious that others might actually hear me and think we’re all a bunch of lunatics. It just seems to be a constant barrage of NO!, STOP THAT!, DID YOU HEAR ME?, and WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? I feel like Robo-Mom.

Alex, give Jackson back his dummy! No, you’re too old for those. No, you can’t get squirted right this second. I’m putting out the laundry. Later. Why don’t you go under the trampoline with your crayons and colouring books where it’s cool? JACKSON! Get OUT of my cupboards! Yes, you can have an apple… but ONLY if you stay in the kitchen or outside. I don’t want to see pieces of apple trailing around my house. Your Dad was on his hands and knees last night scrubbing this carpet trying to get it clean. Alex, make sure the crayons stay outside. Jackson! No pushing Elizabeth! Poor thing. Elizabeth! DON’T EAT MY PLANTS! Alex, quick! Get that piece of dirt out of Betty’s hand (really a dried piece of cow poo that didn’t mix into the soil very well) No, Betty, leave the pebbles alone. Watch Elizabeth, you two! Betty’s under the trampoline! Don’t bounce on her head!!!

OK ! That’s It! Everybody quiet for FIVE MINUTES!

Alex- Mom. How long is 5 minutes?

Jackson- Mee! Mee! Mee! Mee!….. (short for Mom-Mee. You can cram a lot of ‘Mees’ into a few seconds, believe me.

Elizabeth grazes the flowerbeds.

and on, and on, and on……

Alex is 4. Jackson is 2 1/2 and Betty is 11 months and walking.

Maybe tomorrow will be easier. It’s Alex’s last day at nursery until September. She’ll be either a pirate or a princess. As I’m not at all bothered by gender distinctive costumes, I’ll let her choose. While wishing she’d be a rebel and choose the pirate, I already know she’ll be a princess. (NO FAIRIES ALLOWED) Afterward we’ll be travelling to a nice little get together to celebrate the end of the year. Hopefully, by the end of the day the babes will be begging for their beds.

Wish me luck.

~ by imadethis on October 19, 2006.

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