Do you ever feel like this?

It’s been a tough week. Graeme went to another conference. Someone asked him who he’s paying off in order to attend so many. He’s travelling again on Monday for the first half of the week. I say: I love you, I support you and who do I need to bribe for a vacation? How do I arrange a sick day as a Stay at home Mom? And when exactly can I go to the toilet without someone invariably requiring attention the minute I unzip my trousers? And what about the tea breaks for every 4 hours worked? I reckon I’ve earned about a year off for tea alone! My children drive me crazy a lot right now. Just keep thinking about January. January. January. January. (Alex and Jackson start full-time school and half-day nursery.)

Everyone has a cold in our house, except Graeme. There are various degrees of sniffling, snuffling and sneezing. That probably explains a lot of the attitude (mine). Poor ole Jackson practically stayed cuddled up with me all day in one form or another. And Alex was not herself at all. She sat quietly the majority of the time and almost never asked for a pen to fill out an application. (We pick up random applications from everywhere for Alex to ‘fill out’. Credit cards, insurance, benefits. She loves to write and tick boxes. She pretends to be an ‘officer’, as in someone who works in an office.)

Today, out of the blue, Jackson said, ” I love li-beth”. He loves her to bits. He’ll go up to her and give her a random squeeze and kiss. He’s so soft and sensitive. I hope he doesn’t lose that when he gets older. And Alex. Well, she says the worst thing about going to nursery is missing me. (How did I raise such a thoughful child?) The other night at dinner she actually THANKED me for such a ‘beautiful dinner’ and went on to say that she loved me ‘everyone’. (that’s her attempt at infinity) And Betty… she gives THE best smiles and kisses in the whole world. This morning she heard Jack wake up and said, “Dack” Other than mommy, that’s her real 1st word. But I suppose there is a bit of priority there as it’s important to accurately name your assailant.

Graeme was at Whitby today. That actually meant he was home a bit earlier, thankfully. I really miss him when he’s away. He’s such a hottie! And my best friend. (When did I get so sappy?)

Anyway, it’s way past bedtime (11pm) and Jackson and Betty are STILL awake. Maybe they’ll sleep in tomorrow…

Night Night

~ by imadethis on October 20, 2006.

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