We survived!

Alex and Buttons
Well, it’s all done now. We have all survived Alex’s very first sleepover. The excitement started as soon as she woke up yesterday morning. Immediately she started singing about her sleepover at Gran’s. I’d ask her randomly throughout the day if she was excited. Of COURSE! I can’t wait! Then I made the ultimate mistake of asking Alex if she was going to miss us. Nope. I’m brave and courageous. (Ok, I can deal with that. But it prefaced this devastating admission:) I like Gran’s. I want to stay there forever and never come back. (OMG. I near about fainted. I actually felt my heart bleed. I know she doesn’t really mean it, but OUCH. Heaven help me when she starts throwing the I HATE YOU’s around.) Anyway, I told her she has to come home because we’d all miss her too much. And we love her. (Anyway, who’d help fetch the diapers?) She thought hard about it and said OK. I tell you what. I’ll stay for six days and then I’ll come back. OK? OK.

Alex was playing in the garage with two of her cousins and a friend when we said our good byes. We told her we loved her, have a great time and to do as she’s told. OK. I love you. Go away. I’m not going to miss you!. Twist the knife! She barely noticed us walking out. The house was full. Gran and Grandad, 1 uncle, 2 aunts, 3 cousins, 3 dogs and a cat. No way she’d be anything other than well looked after and loved to bits. No worries.
I was waving good bye to Gran when the tears started flowing down my cheeks. As much as she drives me utterly insane at times, she’s a part of me. They all are. And I was really going to miss Alex. She called us before she went to bed. It was about 8:30. I asked her what she was doing. I’m phoning you. Duh. I asked her what else she was doing. Having hot chocolate and eating a biscuit. Pure bliss. Gran got on the phone and assured me Alex was having fun and was fine. (I knew that.)

This morning Alex informed me that she’d fallen into some nettles while on a walk this morning but had been very brave. Later in the afternoon Graeme told me that Alex had awoken a few times in the night disoriented and crying out for Gran….and me. Somehow that made me feel so much better.
Alex is aching to do it all again. I’ll see if Jackson can go, too!

~ by imadethis on October 22, 2006.

2 Responses to “We survived!”

  1. Thanks for sharing that experience. It reminded me of the times my children spent away from home when they were little. They are now 38,36 and 28. Enjoy all stages, even the ‘I hate yous’. Those comments make it easier to cut the apron string. 😀

    btw – I have 6 grandchildren and 2 great’s now. I get to do the sleepovers with the little ones.

  2. I can’t imagine watching grandchildren, although I can imagine how fun it must be! I read a bit of your blog. It pretty funny! I especially liked the part about being having been driven by what other people thought when you were younger. Sounds like you’ve got it cracked! I’ll take a page from your book, thank you!
    : )

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