Yo Dad! Respect!

silver dollar pancakes
I spoke to my Dad today. So we celebrated with homemade pancakes, american style. Jackson and Alex helped stir and pour. And to pay homage to the season, we added a touch of brown sugar, cinnamon, allspice and a bit of sour cream. They loved it. That was lunch.
Betty's pancakes
Dad makes THE best pancakes in the world. He usually adds yoghurt, I could eat loads (of stacks). But I was very good and only had a bite. Didn’t even have a whole pancake.(I’m doing Slimming World. Trying to shift the poundage. It’s awesome.)
Jackson's haircut
Jackson got a haircut yesteday. I had to bribe him with two brand spanking new dummies (pacifiers) just to get him in the chair. Hence the walnut whip! Anyway, he was alright for about a minute then started screaming bloody murder. And I mean bloody murder. He’s a strange boy. He doesn’t like to put shirts on or take them off because he gets scared when it reaches his neck. If there’s such a thing as past lives, it wouldn’t surprise me if he were somehow traumatized. He’s really terrified. Anyway, he ate all his pancakes and proceeded to dance around the kitchen. Whatever else he may be lacking, the boy’s got rhythm.
Alex acting natural
This is the closest I could get to Alex enjoying her pancakes without the whole walk down the red carpet treatment. She goes into autoact when she sees a lense. Those of you who know Alex will notice her new t-shirt. Big kudos for me! I found a replacement for her much adored, but sadly too small Clash t-shirt. Whoo Hooo!

Tomorrow we’re gonna make homemade books. I’ve got an idea…

~ by imadethis on October 23, 2006.

One Response to “Yo Dad! Respect!”

  1. My pancake recipe is secret. Actually each time I make them its a little different, nothing measured. They are vastly overrated and I think Trish makes a big deal of them because she is just getting me to cook.

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