Betty’s Learning to Boogie!

Betty's Learning to Boogie
Well today was a real corker. Elizabeth was up by 5:30, but at least she slept in her cot! Jackson and Alex were up and at’em by 7:00. Ok, nothing out of sorts there. After breakfast I cleaned the kitchen while the kids watched Sesame Street’s Let’s Make Music, which is one of Jack’s personal favourites. All’s well. I’m tidying, vacuuming, wiping down surfaces, putting a load of clothes on for a wash etc all the while trying to keep them from ‘loving’ each other to pieces.

I take a quick peek unnoticed and witness Betty having a real good boogie to the theme song. She was flailing her arms and trying to jump up and down. (She can’t jump yet so this was particularly funny) And she did this ‘chase the tail’ thing like dogs do. She raised her right arm and chased her hand turning in circles. She really enjoyed that one. Until Jackson broke her groove with a teletubby hug. (You remember. One decides to ‘hug’ the other by touching bellies. This comes out like a sumo move with Jack.) Alex is dancing, too. She does this kind of slow wave-like thing with her upper body and arms. Very strange looking, but she’s SO proud. I love it. Jack has a go and looks like a chimp in a zoo.

We had to go to Hartlepool today. It took an unreasonable amount of time as we had to take 2 buses. For those of you who may have known me in a previous life… No, I don’t drive over here. Yet. At first I didn’t need to. Almost everything is in walking distance, unlike the States where you’re literally stuck without a car.) Then I started having children and didn’t make the time.

You need lessons and tests and it’s SOOOOOOOOooooooooo different over here! The British test is one of the hardest to pass in the EU. Yikes. I know I’ve been driving legally since 15 and illegally since 14 (Dad would send me and my cello in the VW Banana Boat down the back roads to Mrs Gelvin’s house for lessons) but I tell ya, it’s a whole different ball game over here. The driving test alone costs £50 as opposed to our $15. Crazy money. It never helped that Graeme became a Driving Examiner when Alex was born. (I should explain that Driving Examiners, while not particulary LIKED are at least well respected on this side of the pond.) And within a year became a Senior Driving Examiner (which meant that his boss would sit my test who, by now, is the division chief.) Needless to say I have been putting this off. How embarrassing to fail under those circumstances, right? But now’s the time. Alex starts full-time school and Jackson starts nursery in January.

I’m rambling again. Oh well.

Hey! I’m getting a new sewing machine delivered tomorrow! Whoopie! I can’t wait to have a go. I’ve loads of projects in my head. Keep a lookout in the projects photo album. Graeme’s new camera lens arrives tomorrow also. 80-200 zoom whatever that means. I just like to take pictures.

We had our refrigerator fixed today. Apparently there was a leak from the condensor tray. It wasn’t sealed properly. That’s a good thing because it means we’ll get a new floor from Samsung. Thank you leak!

OK. Gotta go to bed.

Jackson- drawing pictures on his back at bedtime. “It’s round and orange, Jack. What is it?”

He answers immediatley, “A banana”

God love him.

Alex- watching me eat a chocolate bar.

“Be careful, Mommy. It’ll make you fatter.”

“But I thought you didn’t think I was fat, Alex.”

“I don’t , Mommy. Daddy said it!”

Of course, Daddy has no recollection of this exchange. But it’s ok. I really am.

Betty- on hearing the rip roaring burp from Daddy…


She copied him. How sweet.



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