Where’s My Poncho?

replacement poncho
(This is a repost from my old site. But to update, the poncho is long gone now. It never showed up after the summer holidays. And I’m an eagle on a chilly day, believe me.)
It’s hard to believe that I sent Alex to nursery last week with a knitted poncho! I’ll bet some of you would expect to see a picture of the poncho right about now… But it didn’t make it home from nursery. I was broken hearted, as you can appreciate, because this was my FIRST knitting project. And it came out really well, for a newbie. I was planning on taking a picture of it when she came home and posting it, being as proud as I am. After explaining the sentimental value (and the tears) to the nursery teacher (and loudly describing my misery) I reckoned it would just show up again. After all, it was most certainly a mistake. (All the parents are really cool.) But that hasn’t happened.
Where's My Poncho?
Its been a week. Although Alex did not bring home her poncho today (again), she did bring home a note that has been passed out to all parents. I’m thrilled, especially since school breaks up on Thursday. We can but hope. I’ve started working on a replacement poncho. I can’t redo it exactly. I’m using a size 7 needle rather than a 4.5. And let’s face it. It’ll never be the original. And that really gets by ire up. This one has been switched to a circular needle as well. Jackson has this nasty habit of pulling my yarn off a normal needle! Oh well. And the beat goes on.


~ by imadethis on October 29, 2006.

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