now you KNOW she’s crazy!

Ella & Alex
And probably one of THE most together women I know. (Hazel, if you’re reading this… count yourself as team leader for this group!) How does she do it? My friend, Alex, works full-time teaching special needs children, has 4 children, has nearly lost her voice, her husband is working the late shift in the O.R. (operating theater) and STILL manages to host a Halloween party for about 20 children and their moms. I’m awe struck. I mean, come on. The sugar factor alone is enough to put most people off. But she pulled it off with flying colours.
bobbing for apples
There were several party games to keep the children interested. As well as the traditional bobbing for apples, which became more of a dunking game by the end. She served food and drink, had the obligatory ‘stick your hand in the box and guess what it is’ game. Just amazing. I think all of us moms who were lucky enough to be invited (and I don’t mean this in a snotty sorority-type cliquish kinda way, but a humble and gladtobeapartofit kinda way) were unanimous in our amazement. Alex, you did a GREAT job! And, while I know you said `Never Again’… I sure hope you do. What a lovely tradition.
Elizabeth Pumpkin
By the way, Alex is also Godmother to Elizabeth. She’s one of those women who seem to ALWAYS be busy (trying to find room in her diary is like trying to find a needle in a haystack) yet still manages to make time to help anyone who needs anything. She’s just a really neat person. (Can you tell we all had a great time, or what?) Take a gander at Betty’s shoes. I found them in a charity shop today. They are silver glitter tap shoes. How much did I pay, you ask? £1. No joke. She spent all afternoon scuffing up the kitchen floor listening to the clickety-clack her shoes make. She LOVES them . So do I. I love a bargain!
Betty's new shoes
I tried to make some snicker slugs for the party tonight. You slice the snicker bar, stand the pices up on a lined cookie sheet and melt them slowly in the oven. They’re supposed to come out looking like slimey slugs. Mine came out looking like half-melted snicker slices. Graeme pointed out later that I should have used a Mars bar. That makes loads more sense. How many slugs have you ever seen with peanut bellies?


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  1. this blog is awesome!

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