On being a sheep

I will not follow instructions, nor will I bother to read `the directions’. I tend to look at things and try my best to recreate whatever it is I’m bewitched by at that time. Somehow in my head I reckon I can `whip it up’ and maybe even improve it by putting my own spin on things. This usually ends in tears. I used to believe that it was because I was different, original, artistic. It was one of my quirky habits. Now that I’m older I see it much less as an artistic endeavor but more a reisistance to authority in the extreme.

I have finally decided I need help. So I attend Slimming World. There’s an awesome message board for anyone who’s considering or already involved with Slimming World here. This is, however, the third week since I’ve joined that I haven’t been able to attend the group. (First 2 weeks Graeme was away and I had to stay home with the chillin’s. Last night was Halloween. We went to a party. What can I do?) And my house ate my book. Or my children did. They do like to chew paper, pretending it’s chewing gum. (We have to be extra vigilant with library books.)
fabric stash
Point is, I hate following directions. So why in the world did I buy fabric and a pattern? Even if it is ‘Fast and Easy’? I am aching to sew dresses for the girls. I really look forward to embellishing them with all kinds of goodies. Ribbon, fabric, applique, etc. I’ve gotten as far as reading the directions, but haven’t managed to put fabric to pattern. It scares me. I’m sure I’m going to make a mess of it all. So I’ve thought about making a skirt instead. No pattern. I’ll just make my own from this skirt I like. In my head I rationalize that it must be easier to make a skirt with an elasticated waist than to make a whole dress with all those instructions. What sense does that make? NONE. Story of my life.

And the beat goes on…


~ by imadethis on November 1, 2006.

3 Responses to “On being a sheep”

  1. Oh, you and I have a lot in common. I have bought far too many patterns with the intention of following them precisely, only to get mid-way into cutting the pattern out, thinking that I can do it without, trying to fold the pattern back to fit in the teensy little envelope that it came in, giving up, balling up said pattern, and making something entirely on my own–even if it doesn’t have the interfacing that was required per the pattern. Stitch and Bitch refers to us types as “get your freak on” knitters, and I think that it applies to most of what I do– cooking, sewing, gardening, whatever. Many times it has proven a bad idea, but I’ve also had a few happy accidents. I am, however, in the middle of assembling a dress for me (the process is oh-so slow and tedious, but I am being as precise as I can stand to be following the pattern to the T– I’ve already called Simplicity once and that was just to ask a question about cutting the fabric), and hopefully one day, I will have the dress to show for it. Good luck to you on your skirt or whatever happy accidents you may make along the way.

  2. YOU CRACK ME UP! I am laughing out loud here. My husband thinks I’m nuts. I loved the whole ‘get yer freak on’ bit. I love reading your blog and comments. It’s truly heart warming!

  3. i’m the samw way with directions/instructions. i try to figure it out myself, but things go terribly wrong, or i miss some important trick. but i cannot change. i’ve tried. it’s just who i am.

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