I was wandering around the net when I saw…

Extremely appropriate cartoon from Natalie Dee’s hilarious site. GO see it for yourself!
I was browsing the web when I saw
this lovely knitted flower brooch/button/or whatever you’d like.
This is a really cool site if you like the incredibles and yoga.
Here’s another great hard-core knitting site with lots of yarn porn.
This mom made me laugh out loud.
She’s really talented.
I took a quiz that I saw here. What colour are you?

What Color is Your Brain?

At work or in school: I need to be “hands on”: I like to play games, to compete, and to perform. I enjoy flexibility, changes of pace, and variety. I have difficulty with routine and structure. My favorite subjects are music, art, theatre, and crafts. I often excel in sports. I like solving problems in active ways and negotiating for what I want. I can be direct and like immediate results.
With friends: Planning ahead bores me because I never know what I want to do until the moment arrives. I like to excite my friends with new and different things, places to go, and romantic moments.
With family: I need a lot of space and freedom. I want everyone to have fun. It is hard for me to follow rules, and I feel we should all just enjoy one another.
Take this quiz!

Take a look at this awesome scarf.
You have to see these if you have little girls!
And speaking of scarfs, take a look at this one.
And I found yet another superwoman to idolize.
Before you go, don’t forget to sign up for this.
Have a good one! Bonfire night tomorrow night…


~ by imadethis on November 5, 2006.

4 Responses to “I was wandering around the net when I saw…”

  1. Hey, thanks for the mention. I will have to take some time to explore all those other blogs!

  2. Hope people stop on by the book blog. So far we have read three books and are having a great time!

  3. I was blue, and it’s so true. Thanks for the quiz, and thanks for the link. The Time Traveler’s Wife rocks, but I loaned mine to a friend who is out of state so I won’t be able to read along with you if that is the winner. My hubby is reading (often aloud to me because it is so funny) Bill Bryson’s The Lost Continent right now. He seems like a great and funny writer. Let me know which book wins.

  4. I need to get to the library FAST. I’m glad to hear that it’s a good read.

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