Choco Pops and Neanderthals
I’m sitting down for breakfast watching the kids eat their Choco-Pops. It’s early. I stare out of the kitchen window and start to daydream. Running my fingers through the matted patch at the back of my head, I watch the morning sun rise and several clouds float by. The purple and red leaves of the tree in our backyard makes a striking contrast against the blue sky. I wonder if there’s a brush on the windowsill? Then, a picture of the brush pops into my head and I wonder how previous generations managed. Images of Art Deco carved brush and comb sets appear and I am reminded of the lovely set my Grandmother Jackson had on her dressing table. the scent of her special pink lotion is something I’ll always remember. A flashback from a school trip to Mount Vernon and I am glad that I don’t have to get by with carved bone or ivory. As my fingers start to untangle this matted cluster, I go back as far as cavemen. Did prehistoric brushes exist? If they did, it was probably a stick. Or a bone of some sort. Wait a minute, they didn’t have brushes. They didn’t care if they had a bad hair day. But they did pick nits pit of each other’s hair. I’ll bet it was really matted and dirty. Kinda like those white-girl dreadlocks that look so dumb.

~ by imadethis on November 20, 2006.

2 Responses to “Choco Pops and Neanderthals”

  1. where DO you find these things?!

  2. She’s a hero. I love her cartoons. They’re so funny!

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