are you a manipulator?

This was a picture from our trip to Scotland last summer. I discovered Photoshop CS2.

Now I want to manipulate all of my photos!

What’s your opinion on this? Some people are die-hard never retouchers. I think it’s so liberating to be able to create so many different images from an original. What do you think?

~ by imadethis on November 27, 2006.

5 Responses to “are you a manipulator?”

  1. I love it! Being a graphic design student and a novice at photoshop I just love to mess around with photos. On another note, how did you get your flickr photos on your sidebar? I made on in Flickr but couldn’t get it into my wordpress sidebar.

  2. I think these are amazing and would definetly manipulate if I had the software.

  3. Oh, I manipulate all the time! Love these pics!

  4. I think you are brilliant. Saw your listing on the Southern Knitting Ring and just stopped by to say ‘hey’


  5. […] done it again. I’m so […]

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