waltzing Matilda

dance, originally uploaded by i made this.

Alex had her first dance recital on Monday night. It was a very long night. Especially with the little ones. But Alex was FABULOUS! I was with her throughout the classes and honestly thought it would be a big mess. But we parents couldn’t care less, could we. As long as we can see our little treasures dressed up and attempting to dance. That’s plenty to cry about. But I was happily surprised. The tap and ballet were amazing. She was awesome. I could go on and on, but I won’t.

We haven’t done ANY Christmas shopping yet. I’m not at all worried. It all comes together in the end. I sit my theory test tomorrow afternoon. We’re buying a car tomorrow, too. And I’ll be colouring my hair for my hottie’s Christmas party Saturday night. I found a beautiful Laura Ashley skirt in a charity shop this afternoon for £3.50. I swear. I’m NEVER paying full price again.

I’ll be sending my Christmas cards tomorrow FINALLY! Sorry so late, Jen!

My Dad told me he’s passed my blog on to my Aunt Sophi(a). I reckon anyone reading my blog would LOVE Aunt Sophi(a). She’s so creative, crafty, artistic, eclectic and downright COOL. If you’re reading this, Aunt Sophi(a)… Hey and I LOVE you!


~ by imadethis on December 14, 2006.

3 Responses to “waltzing Matilda”

  1. Great photo. My daughter will have her first recital this spring. I can’t wait!

  2. It’s Sophia and not Sophie.

  3. Dad, I’ve always called Aunt Sophia Aunt SOPHIE. And thanks for correcting me in front of the world! Geez.

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