busy little bees buzzing in my ears

fudge and cookies

I’ve been going mad over here. I tell you what. All that guilt I usually feel about being a crappy mom is quickly going out the window. MY KIDS DRIVE ME CRAZY. Sometimes. But they still do. And it’s the ’tis the season’ season that means I’m walkin’ the line. We saw Santa today at Alex’s nursery. All the little children were sitting quietly with their gifts that Santa had given them resting nicely on their laps. Alex tears into hers and shouts, “It’s sweets!” All gifts being exactly the same, this pretty much ruined it for everyone else. Jackson ate breakfast with his hands. It was everywhere. Why do they do it? Oh, did I mention we had PORRIDGE? Do you have any idea how hard it is to get that out of hair?

Betty has discovered a new trick. She crawls behind the sofa, sets herself up in nook you can’t reach and plays with the light socket, turning it on and off on and off on and off. I’m so glad we don’t own a rabbit. Visions of Glenn Close dance in my head. It was so icey here today that it looked like a light fall of snow. Even the poor spider webs were icey. So Alex skips, jumps and hops everywhere, insuring serious injury. As it turns out we made it to the end of the day with only minor calamities to her hands and knees. We were walking home this afternoon and I said hello as we passed another mom from the school. I’ve never actually met her. She’s seems really nice, though.

Alex- Who’s that, mom?

Me- A friend of mine.

Alex- What’s her name?

Me (thinking fast)– Gerberia. Pronounced (soft ‘J’) Jerbereea. (Yes, I made it up)

Alex- Maybe we could give Gerberia a Christmas card.

Me- Yes, let’s do that.

I went to start a load of laundry this morning and found a treasure trove of toys and junk that Elizabhoney and clove soapeth has put into the HUGE box of laundry detergent that we keep in the kitchen. (Our washing machine lives in the kitchen, which is the norm over here.) She was really offended when I took them all out and stopped her from reinserting them.

I became quite miffed today when a lady with a pushchair jumped the queue and got on the bus ahead of me. I felt like smacking her into next Sunday. (A phrase which Alex repeats to my dismay… and delight!) Instead I sent her the evil eye. I handed over the teacher gifts this afternoon. I hope they go over well. I made rocky road fudge and Mexican wedding cookies.

Both recipes from the Joy of Cooking given to me by my lovely sister Susan a few years back. It’s my cooking bible. I also made some honey and clove soap. (from soapflakes… NOT cold process, although I’d LOVE to learn how to do that.)

fabric flower broochI’ve been busy trying to on top of the homemade gifts recently. I’ve made another fabric flower brooch for a friend. She requested pink. I’m thinking I may have to make her another one. It may be a bit orangey-yellow rather than pink.

Graeme got rid of the Volvo and bought an Audi Quattro A8 instead. My first impression was that we weren’t grown up enough to own a car like that. Certainly not with three small children. The car seats really fit a lot better, though, I have to say. I’ve passed my theory test so the next step is buying a car! Whoo Hoo! Independence and Stitch-n-Bitch here I come!

I’ve found some cool stuff thrifting today. I’ll post later. Working it into Christmas gifts. Here it is!

Well, Betty’s crying and Jackson’s not asleep yet. It’s 9pm and I’m beat. Better go and put her to bed. Bye for now.

~ by imadethis on December 20, 2006.

2 Responses to “busy little bees buzzing in my ears”

  1. The evil eye works wonders! Love the homemade teachers gifts. Very nice.

  2. […] those thrift store presents I mentioned earlier? Well, I think they turned out OK. I found two purses that made very cute gift bags. I filled them […]

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