homemade tree ornaments

I was trying to make one of those really sweet door hangy thingies. You know the kind. They usually say HOME SWEET HOME or something like that. I had that in mind when I made these.

tree ornament tree ornament

Here’s a bit of detail.detail

Now I think I may have stumbled onto a good thing here. As you can see, all I’ve done is embroider onto the fabric. What do you think? They were originally destined for the teacher’s pile-o-gifts but I liked them so much I hung them on our tree. I have decided to start making my own ornaments. At least one a year from now on. Here’s one that I had to turn into a pin cushion because I screwed up the ribbon bit that hangs it. You can see I’m definitely self taught! I particularly like this one because it’s made from Alex and Elizabeth’s old clothes. So sentimental am I. homemade pin cushion


~ by imadethis on December 21, 2006.

3 Responses to “homemade tree ornaments”

  1. I think they are beautiful!
    – Stephanie

  2. I want one of your pincushions! I want it I want it!

  3. Thanks, you guys. I like the pincushion best, too. Especially since it was made from Elizabeth’s baby grow and Alex’s old trousers. I plan to make some more. They’re fun!

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