Lace scarf attempt %^*$)_(**>?_&!!

lace scarf attempt

I’ve unravelled this pattern so many times I can’t count, mostly cause I couldn’t count. (Notice it looks NOTHING like the picture.) I’m teaching myself to knit lace from this pattern. It’s not hard, if you know how! My big problems have been counting and knitting the YO’s correctly. It’s still wrong, but I’m going to stick with this one. It’s the first time I’ve ended up with the right number of stitches on more than one row consecutively. Now that’s progress. I also learned that I’ve taught myself to knit incorrectly. Not a big surprise, really. I now know you are to knit into the front of a stitch unless otherwise advised. I’d been finding it easier to knit into the back. Oh well.

It’s Alex’s last day as a free child. Tomorrow she officially enters the school system. Thank goodness Crooksbarn is a good school. I toyed with the idea of home schooling back when I was on the tail end of post-natal depression (may touch on this at a later date). I worried all the time about Alex being away from me, under the influence of life, really. But then I recovered once the other two came along. I’m going to miss her terribly, though. And I will be crying my eyes out tomorrow when she lines up for class the first time. Jackson starts nursery next week. It’ll be so quiet without a house full of children. I am looking forward to a little freedom.

I will be updating the crochet flower from pattern to tutorial. Hopefully soon. I hope everyone had a great holiday. We just chilled out, really. And it was bliss. And better yet, I’ve somehow stayed the same weight despite the chocolates and regular cokes I’ve allowed myself. What’s up with that? Luvin’ it. Luvin’ it

~ by imadethis on January 2, 2007.

5 Responses to “Lace scarf attempt %^*$)_(**>?_&!!”

  1. Oh my gosh. I’ve been doing the same thing– unravelling. I’m working on knitting a pair of knee high stockings from one of those vintage pattern books that I thrifted, and I’ve spent as much time taking yarn off the needles as I have wrapping it around them. I wonder if Penelope was really unravelling her knitted shawl to wait for for Ulysses, or was she just not paying attention and lost count. I don’t know how knitting or crocheting can be a social affair when I can’t even keep count with my mouth shut. I’ve finally given up on having a “perfect” pair of stockings, and I have proceeded with my newly created pattern. I’ll be in touch via email about a craft-off soon. Hope you are well and wish you a Merry New Year.

  2. Thanks for visiting my craft blog. And as for your question, as an advanced beginner myself (I’ve not made anything besides felted bags and scarves and am mid-stocking) I LOVE to knit in the round, it is so fast. Go take a felted bag class or ask someone who knows how to make them to show you, SOOOOO easy I promise! I’m adding you to my blogroll, thanks!

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