fully matriculated

First day of schoolJack's ready

I can’t believe it’s happened. How exactly did I become a mother of such a wonderful and beautiful young lady? This is living proof that nature has a lot to do with the way a child turns out. Nurture does too, but sometimes I’m convinced she was just born this way. She’s amazing, but she’s still a regular child with all the annoying habits of a 4 year-old. OK. So I’m a bit proud. Doting a little. But, doggone, I deserve to. Alex is awesome. She’s my first born. She’s amazing. (Do you think she’ll approve of that when she gets older?)

Betty's ready

We were all ready and up early this morning.

Murphy’s Law states that:

As soon as your children decide to sleep in on a regular basis you will promptly be required to awaken at the previous godforsaken hour.

This rule applies also to:

The moment you are presented with a block of ‘me’ time, it will be duly withdrawn after 24 hours.

Now, the latter by-law pertains to the fact that, while Alex has started school, she must be picked up after lunch during the first week so as to make the transition from nursery to school as easy on her as possible. I think that’s great. (really)

This means we leave the house by 8am in order to get to school by 8:55am. I will go home for 2 hours until I have to leave by noon in order to collect her by 12:30pm.

What I take issue with is I will have only one day, Monday, to enjoy as a typical school day before Jackson begins nursery.

What this really means is that I will have one day to take her in the morning and not have to collect her until the afternoon. Once Jackson starts nursery I will be up-and-back, up-and-back and up-and-back to school.

That truly sucks the big one. Until I drive, of course. However small comforts do exist in this Mommy world of mine. Poor thing. I was the ONLY Mom with a camera. Can you believe it? I had no inhibitions whatsoever. It only happens once, right? Gosh. And, YES, I DID cry. How could I not? I’m going to miss her!!!!!!!!


OK. Alex looks a bit embarrassed. Little does she know. I’m just warming up to the day I can do this!



~ by imadethis on January 3, 2007.

2 Responses to “fully matriculated”

  1. Please write a book….you are just too funny

  2. Hey Sue Goo-
    You only get my humour because we were both polluted in the same can! Nobody else truly grasps my greatness.

    : )

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