Just plain craziness

I just felt like I needed to vent. I SO don’t have things under control. My children, albeit gorgeous, cute, adorable and clever, are still little insects that buzz in my ears sometimes. They congregate at my feet and won’t leave me alone. They conspire against my sanity, chipping away at my adulthood, or what there was of it, every chance they get. If I dare to get down on the floor, I am attacked, trampled and piled upon. All in the name of love? Well, I hope not. For when they are upset I may be done for.

Betty was tossing and turning all night. She couldn’t breathe properly through her nose. It made her very cross. Jackson woke up a time or two as well. The same reason. Alex had her first dance recital Monday evening. I think some bugs came home with us. Jackson is quite hot this morning and has already been sick. Twice. Alex is pretty warm, too. But it hasn’t slowed her down at all.

What’s all this for? Like I said. I need a place to rant and rave as needs be. Otherwise I think I might go barmy. Oh for the love of all things ordinary, could I not just have a reasonably decent day today? Please? I know it’s raining and the kids are all sick, but I HAVE to go into town today. PLEASE let it all work out! I NEED some Mommy time. Granted, I’ll be in a meeting… but at least I get lunch and coffee with grown ups! I look forward to this every month. OK. Calm down. Jackson’s asleep in the playroom. Betty is watching Miffy & Friends while sitting on his head. Alex is locked in the kitchen colouring. I can do this.

~ by imadethis on January 17, 2007.

2 Responses to “Just plain craziness”

  1. Oh, I had SUCH a horrible day, too. Although, maybe not as bad as yours, since sick children is horrible thing unlike any other. Hope things got better. Mine did, thankfully, and now Daddy is putting them to bed!! Hope everyone is better soon.

  2. Now if Debbie and I were there, all would be taken care of. Don’t you miss us??

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