OK. So I’m in a store browsing. Jackson is with me. I turn to look at something, look back again and he’s not there. It’s a very small store and we know it well. He’s in the toys playing cars, I’ll bet. I quickly scan the joint. No sign. Funny smell, though. Upon taking a closer look I realise that Jackson is actually right beside me, hidden behind the changing room curtain, that little scamp. He’s so playful. A bit of Hide and Seek to break up the monotony. Oh look. What’s that by his feet? A chocolate bar? Where’d he get that?


Oh YES HE DID. My boy has only just gone into the changing room, pulled his trousers down and taken the biggest, smelliest dump. EVER. And while he managed a bit of a log (easily cleaned), most was splattered about his person. Oh, and have I mentioned how SMELLY it was? My God, it was so strong it could down a horse. And it was all stuck in the treads of his shoes. So I took them off and tried to clean them up a bit. Had to get the socks off anyway. That’s when he squished it between his toes. YUCK!

Well, After being thoroughly and utterly mortified, I ended up buying a pair of trousers for Jacky-boy to wear to nursery. No underwear or socks as they were bagged and confiscated immediately.

So I delivered Jackson to nursery and promptly went home to have a coffee and a scrub. Ah the joys of being a mother.

1. On a lighter note, Elizabeth walked all the way home today. I was so proud of her. I held her and Jackson’s hand while Alex pushed the stroller. We were a picture. And I was as proud as a peacock.

2. We bought a new dishwasher tonight as the last one conked out less than 48 hours ago. I only had to wash dishes by hand twice. Whoo Hoo! And it’s SO quiet. I love it.

That’s all for today! See you again soon. Y’all come back now, ya hear?


~ by imadethis on January 29, 2007.

2 Responses to “Poopilicious”

  1. Oh no Trish! I’m sure that was awful– awful funny for me over hear to read! I’ve had my share of fecal matters– My little one will put her hand in her diaper constantly to see if there is anything in there (she’s trying to distinguish gas from poop.) On the offhand chance that the little poot was actually a poop she then goes crazy trying to smear all the poop onto any surface she can find to clean her hand. Fortunately these incidents have only happened at home, but I think from now on, I will carry a pair of extra clothes (for me and her,) latex gloves, a trashbag, stain remover and lysol im my bag just to be prepared when $h!t happens. Kudos on Miss Betty walking home, and you’ll have to tell me your secret trick to getting a new dishwasher so soon.

  2. When Leah was about two we had to actually pull over the car, strip her clothes off and leave them in a dumpster, drive home with her naked AND hose down the entire car seat after having one of those episodes. Not fun!

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