…. the way the air feels and smells after a summer rain. Clean, warm and pure.

…. ‘jamming’ on the cello with my sister, Susan, and two friends. We’d play the Brandenburg concertos, Eine Kleine Nacht Musik, Handel’s Messiah, Bach Double Violin and the like. It was a magical experience.

…. the freedom I felt as a child walking through the forest, discovering the differences in leaves, bark on trees, the way light fell through the branches onto the forest floor. The musty smell in the undergrowth.

…. laying on the beach alone, listening to the waves crash onto the shore, feeling the sun beating down, the feel of the hot sand between my toes and the smell of sea salt and Hawaiian Tropic swimming in the air.

…. bedtime when I shared a bed with my sister. We’d ‘write’ and ‘draw’ on each other’s backs then challenge each other to guess what we’d created. The trick for Susan was trying to get me to be the first one to draw or write. Otherwise I’d fall asleep before she could get a turn.

…. the sound of crickets at night time. I’ve never heard a cricket in England.

…. the look and smell of dripping pine sap.

…. cuddling with my children when they were tiny babies.

…. giggling at the Coppertone billboard on the way to Wrightsville Beach when I was little.

~ by imadethis on March 25, 2007.

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