Playground Politika

cartoons thanks to Natalie Dee

Or so I thought. But I have realised that I now exist in a dual dimension that marries my High School days to Alex’s playground politics. And it totally sucks the big one. Even in High School I never felt like I actually ‘fit in’ anywhere despite being in loads of clubs and extracurricular activities. I met a friend from High School several years later who said she considered me to be really popular. And I suppose I was, to an extent. I mean, as I was never exclusive or loyal to any one group and so had loads of friends from several different ‘cliques’. But I always remember feeling like I was on the outside looking in, wishing I could really feel a part of something or fit in somewhere once and for all.

This theme has continued throughout my life. And even now, I struggle to understand playground politics. I must be really naive or something. I’m just me and no more no less. That’s good, in a way. At least you always know where you stand. But with my need to please and feel accepted, it hardly ever means I intentionally hurt people’s feelings. I am, however, apt to stick my foot in it, as they say. No one I know could ever accuse me of being tactful. But again, I’m just me.

What brought all this up? Well it’s stupid, really. There’s a little girl at school who, I thought, was Alex’s good friend. They always seem very happy to see each other and Alex usually includes her in the run down of the day’s events. While over at another friend’s house yesterday it came up that this little girl is having her birthday party next week. It came up because it was assumed that we would be there. Now I’m going to be totally honest. I am a bit shocked. Thankfully Alex doesn’t seem too bothered by it, which would suggest that they weren’t as close as I thought. But she is sad and disappointed. And so the hell am I!

I am now trying to figure out if I’ve said or done something to offend. Even though it’s ME we’re talking about, I really can’t think of a thing. And as far as Alex goes, again I’m stumped. My husband reckons I should just call her up and ask her outright. He reasons that if she doesn’t actually like me then it won’t matter anyway. My sister thinks more like a normal person and points out that they are only 4 year olds and will never remember this event. Ever. But I am finding the whole ‘situation’ (if there indeed is one) very uncomfortable. They’ve visited our house on several occasions, used to be in the same dancing class, are in the same class at school and I will see the mom everyday for years to come (potentially).

Any ideas on how to handle this one? Is there even a situation to worry about? WHAT DO YOU THINK?


~ by imadethis on April 3, 2007.

3 Responses to “Playground Politika”

  1. That stinks! I don’t know what I would do. I think that I would want to call the mother and ask why, but in reality, I think I would be too chicken. I am sure, however, that I wouldn’t invite her to your daughter’s birthday party when it comes around. Some people just aren’t nice…

  2. I want to make that call, too. But I’m too chicken. But not because I’m too scared to actually make the call. No, I’m more worried of being seen forever after as that really paranoid American chick with the wild children, poor things.

  3. Hey, it depends if Alex is the only one thats been excluded.I haven’t given Megan a proper class party yet and try to avoid inviting the class to the others birthdays because of the expense. Rise above it, maybe somethings happened between the girls at school that you’ll never know about. Have you checked her school bag for an invite?

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