OK, fine

I realise that this is suppose to contain some knitting content. And that I’ve been quite remiss in this matter. However, let me assure you that I WILL be uploading some pictures of recent projects not yet frogged. I can’t tell you how many I’ve stop-started over the last few weeks!

Last night I went upstairs to bed and found Betty asleep on the floor cuddling her Teddy Bear. So cute. Much better than finding her rifling through her drawers, throwing ALL THE CLOTHES SHE CAN REACH out on the floor, tearing the few books we’ve left in her room, pulling wallpaper off the wall, taking off her diaper and squealing around the room bottomless before urinating in a corner somewhere that you only find when it starts to smell, digging in my house plants, climbing the wine rack to get to the kitchen counter, and any numerous other shenanigans she regularly gets up to.

Alex had the nerve yesterday to tell someone they smelled bad. This from a girl who is SO LAZY that she wees herself constantly and often smells like a boy’s bathroom. Yuck. Mind, the other child did smell a bit (of wet-dog before school cuddles). But to say it in front of her? No way. So I, in front of them both, reminded Alex that she often doesn’t win any smelling o’roses awards and tried to get her to see what it would feel like if you friends pointed this out constantly. It’s stopped her from commentating on the odours of others, but really…. why can’t she just wee in the toilet???

Jackson has been exceptionally grown up this week. He’s using the whiney (ifyoucan’tspeakproperlydon’tspeakatall!) voice much less often, thank goodness. Good God how a whiny voice grates on my nerves. I swear, I can deal with wee wee and poopie accidents all day if it isn’t accompanied by a WHHHHhhhhiiIINNNNNnnnnEEEeeeee voice. Ever counted how many syllables a whiny child can can get out of a one syllable word? Just for argument’s sake, let’s use the word Mom. Now, a normal person can say it in an instant. A fraction of a second! A millisecond. But Jackson? Man, that boy can turn it into a freakin’ marathon event if he’s on a roll.

Jackson: Ma-o-A-o-a-O-m-m-m-m-M_M_M-eeeeeeeeeeeeEEEeee!

ME: (Oh. My. God. Boy! If you don’t SHUT THAT MOUTH of yours, I’ll shut it FOR YA!) Yes, Darling?

Jackson: Can I ‘ave thum tiger bread, please, ’cause I like that and I’m a big boy. (He actually asks very nicely. And I’m extremely proud of his manners. It’s just that whiny froggish toad-like voice that’s almost impossible to interpret and turns a good thing bad in a split second that makes it sooooooo annoying.)

Me: Not now, sweetheart, cause it’s (don’t get a chance to finish)

Jackson: AWwwwwwwwwwwooooooooooooooaaaHHHHHHH! I not talkin’ ’bout that! (Which really means I’m not listening to you. Hear what I’M saying right NOW.) I want thum tiger bread NOW! (Now, not only is Jackson whining, but he’s also now grumpy, sulky and the words are so unclear that I often have to guess what he’s saying.)

Me: …time for dinner. But what a wonderful way you asked me!Very kind.

Jackson: I NOT TALKIN’ ‘BOUT THAT, Moooommmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I DON’T WANT DINNER! i NOT TALKIN’ ‘BOUT THAT! (He starts to cry loudly out of anger. By this time, it all sounds like gibberish, really. And, as my patience ran out about 4 years ago, I’m well and truly fed up trying to decipher what he’s saying because he’s NOT listening and is throwing a paddy because he hasn’t been successful in getting what he wants RIGHT NOW.)

Me: OK. That’s enough! If you can’t speak to me like a normal person using words then I don’t want to hear you at all. Now go away. It’s almost time for dinner.

Total meltdown on both sides. There’s a good reason why Jackson chose to the a Baddie Spidey!

I suppose I really should end this with something positive about the kids. So here goes.

Alex is so creative, imaginative and intelligent that she can become so involved in what she’s doing that she forgets to go to the toilet. A lot. I find her artwork totally amazing. She’s reading and writing now and that blows me away. She’s always got a pen in her hand to write stories and fill in applications, ticking boxes, being busy. She really cares for others and has a sensitive soul. She’s a. excellent big sister to Jackson and Elizabeth.

Jackson loves hard. He may be a bit boisterous but it’s because he gets so excited about everything. And the difficulty in expressing himself makes him frustrated. He’s very loving toward Betty, when he’s not swatting her, and literally lights up when he sees her in the morning. They share a very special bond that’s apparent to anyone around them. He’s very proud of Betty and looks up to Alex for love and support. He’s very adept at laying train tracks together in really intricate shapes and can spend an hour just working it and re-working it until he gets it just right for him.

Betty is so soft on the inside, but boy can she take a bruising! She’ll probably grow up to do something that takes a lot of courage and strength. She knows and shows no fear and has a wicked sense of humour. She loves to colour and would rather lay down on the floor with the crayons and paper than sit up at the table. I think she likes the feeling of ‘getting into it’. She never whines and her speech is coming along in leaps and bounds. She loves to be tickled, as they all do, and particularly likes to blow raspberries on me, which is a bit weird at times to hear her making farting noises. She’s so cool.

They’re all so awesome/horrid I could burst. God I love/hate being a mom!


~ by imadethis on July 16, 2007.

4 Responses to “OK, fine”

  1. They are all so cute! I agree that it is hard being a mom sometimes (I don’t know how you do it with 3), but at least it can be very rewarding at times too!

  2. […] forgot to tell the rest of the story the other day. Now, I realise I mentioned the ‘you smell’ problem. But I left out a really funny bit. […]

  3. I don’t know how I missed this post when you actually posted it, but I just read it (after I emailed you).

    I think got it exactly right – that dichotomy of being a mom – “They are awesome/horrid” and I love/hate being a mom”.

    WOW. exactly.

  4. I love you. Miss you much. My reunion is this weekend and my hair is a mess and my face is broken out (how not shocking) and I’m 20 pounds overweight. Boy, this ought to be fun.

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