This morning, it took…

2 minutes for Betty to ruin her dress and muddy her shoes,
3 seconds to giggle at the sight of it, and
10 wipes to clean her up.

All this happened on the school run this morning. Every parent in the school yard noticed the display. Whoo Hoo! Now THAT’s how to start a morning!

note the torn wallpaper

~ by imadethis on July 19, 2007.

2 Responses to “This morning, it took…”

  1. Hah! But she was still cute despite all that πŸ˜› Poor you…ah the wonders of having busy small kids!

  2. ahhhh i feel you!!! just today i was blogging and miss isabella pooed so much, it bubbled out of her diaper and onto her and her clothes… and then onto me and my clothes… then onto the floor… it was TOO much and TOO gross… an emergency bath for us both, a load of laundry, and a pile of wipes and a clean floor later, we were poop free… sigh- she hasnt felt well lately but boy, that was the grossest….

    having lil kids requires love AND a ton of laundry and bath soap πŸ˜€

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