Major, minor. One breakdown is as good as another.

I’ve been trying a new ‘reward chart’ with the kids. What a crock! OK, so consistency has always been an issue in my life, but really. Come on. I threaten my kids with Supernanny and they’re like, “Yay! When’s she get here?” I have a friend who can get her kids to do anything with a threat like that. I know, I shouldn’t have to threaten my kids to get them to do something, but I shouldn’t have to wipe my 5 year old’s butt still, either! And I do sometimes. And it still grosses me out.

Jackson was singing ‘Greased Lightning’ today. All day. Lucky for him it was cute. Yesterday I had a major breakdown. I’m feeling quite overwhelmed. I have such good intentions about tackling some real tough parenting issues and thought that the summer holidays would be a great opportunity to nip some things in the bud, get a good routine going, work on consistent discipline and bond with the kids. Boy am I a fool! I’ve even started drinking! No, I’m not kidding. Mind you, I never drink anyway (really, except for Christmas and New Years type thing and even then it’s only a glass of champaign). But I’ve started partaking in a nice glass of chilled wine on an evening. It’s so great. I can feel myself unwind as my lips begin to go numb. Next thing you know and things aren’t as desperate as they seem.

I’m the least likely person to ever develop an alcohol problem, so don’t go worrying needlessly. Now charity shops and yarn, well now that’s a whole other addiction…. I have managed to organize their toys into themed bags. I’ve stored them all away except one and will rotate them monthly. I’ve just become ill at the thought at having to tidy up any more huge piles of mess.

Anyway. Alex and I worked on a blanket together this afternoon. She picked out all the fabrics, decided to have a picture instead of her name and all the trimming. We’re really enjoying it. Jackson’s aching to make a house on his blanket. Betty got into the swing of things, too. She squirreled away quite a nice little pile of fabric and proceeded to lay out her fabric just so. It’s so wonderful to see them so interested and creative.

I’ll take some pictures! Whoa, Nelly. What a great idea! I’ve been asked to blog for my local newspaper. Pretty cool, huh? You can see my first ever post here.

By the way, Graeme is kneeling by the bed cleaning his ears and COMPLETELY GROSSING ME OUT!!!!!!

~ by imadethis on August 14, 2007.

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