Ah, summer stuff

Alex fell off a whirly-gig and landed on her chin. This one warranted a trip to A&E.

Hard to see, but if you look real hard you can see the makings of a large goose egg. Alex was playing tag and ran smack into this metal thingy. Kids use these to ‘call’ each other.

This one was a real zinger. After a really great afternoon at the beach, the kids decided to go barefooted on the way back. It’s a gravel path. Really rocky. Everyone started crying at once. Betty was absolutely exhausted and I had to carry her on my shoulders. We had a huge canvas bag and several carriers. Picnic,toys, towels, drinks, bubbles etc. Anyway, Alex wanted me to carry her bag so I stopped to let her give it to me. Somehow in the transfer she got whacked in the lip with the front end of a plastic jeep. Blood gushing from her lip,mouth full of blood. She saw it and freaked out. You should have seen the looks I was getting! Terrible child-beater who makes ger kids walk barefooted on rocks. Summer life.

All this happened within 2 days.


~ by imadethis on August 16, 2007.

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