Happy Birthday, Cas (40) and Graeme (42)!

Well. This past weekend was a blast. Carolyn, my sister-in-law, celebrated her 40th by holding an all day event at Wayside. Unfortunately it was drizzling rain and a bit chilly. However, it didn’t miss a beat as the party was held in the stables. That’s right! It was held right there in the indoor riding arena and it was so much fun. There was a bouncy castle for the kids, music, tables and chairs, a buffet table, gift table and loads of room to run around. The drinks were served in huge barrels with the empty cans thrown into the even larger wheel barrow. Hey, recycling is a priority.

It started in the early afternoon with an incredible, for the carnivores, barbecue. Steak, pork chops, ribs, burgers, sausages… It was endless. I was stuffed. I brought a Waldorf Salad and Tomato-Cucumber-Red Onion Salad. I don’t think many people liked it because there was a lot left over. And that was the only thing on offer other that the meat! Having said that, people were really piling the plates high with all things grilled.

The evening do began at half past seven in ‘the Big House’. Suddenly people in rather nice attire and designer reading glasses appeared. Fortunately by this time I was well on the way to a decent buzz and cared less about the fact that I was barefoot in jeans and a t-shirt. Alex hijacked my shoes, which, buy the way, unusually had a heel especially for the occasion. We ate homemade pies and drank lots of wine. Or at least I did. This was the first occasion since my wedding 7 years ago that 1-I’ve been in the mood to have a drink and party, 2-had the opportunity to AND been in the mood to, 3- wasn’t breast feeding or pregnant and finally 4-was able to party with my friends and family. Oh yeah, and most recently didn’t have to drive. The stars aligned to allow a great night. Thanks, stars.
I barely saw my children. As usual, they roamed around freely charming everyone along the way. Especially Betty. She was giving loads of love and kisses to just about anyone who let her! She

does this movie-style kiss where she grabs your face with both hands, pulls you to her and plants a big hard wet one right in the kisser. It’s so funny. The other trick she has is getting you to pick her up and carry her around. And if you don’t buy into that one, she’ll say, ‘Hand!’ and grab yours to take you off for a wander. Just to remind you, she’s 2 and can walk alone no problems. Very clever, I think. She finally fell asleep on my shoulder dancing to The Pixies. Ok, I wish it was The Pixies, but it was more likely to have been the Cha Cha Slide. In any case, she managed to go strong until about 10pm when I put her to bed in Tom’s room upstairs. I tucked her in and went back down for a boogie.

Alex was played nicely, albeit alone or with Uncle Keith for most of the night. He’s her favorite person “in the whole valley”. At one point she brought me a sandwich bag with a leaf and a snail. She said she was taking it home as her pet, bless her. But she did the right thing after a bit of persuasion and let it go in the garden. She then busied herself with Uncle Andy’s pro Black and Decker flashlight and went on numerous adventures searching for new treasure. Of course, she appeared later with that flashlight in pieces. She’d taken it apart for some reason. Graeme managed to fix it before Uncle Andy could freak out and all was well again.

Jackson managed not to push, attack or otherwise freak anyone out. I got loads of compliments, actually. He’s the spitting image of his Dad with eyelashes a mile long and as thick as molasses on a winter’s day. His eyes are blue and beautiful. This all adds to the charm and gets him out of trouble more than it should. Just because he’s so cute. He found a snail, too, but managed to leave it alone and just watched it for awhile. He was in his element. Freedom, inspiration, nooks and crannys, adventures, dirt. That boy went with socks and wellies on his feet but I swear by 5pm they were off his feet for the duration. And he LOVED it!

Alex and Jackson managed to go strong until 2am. I was so very please and proud of all of them. They weren’t ‘on their best behavior’. They were just being themselves. And I caught a glimpse of who they’re going to be in a few years time. And I’m so proud. They’re wonderful children, interesting and interested in the world around them. They’re confident and happy. And that makes me happy. S

*This last picture is of myself and my good friend, Hazel. I’m not sure what was in the cup. It will be wine of some form or other. Boy did I have fun!

~ by imadethis on August 20, 2007.

2 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Cas (40) and Graeme (42)!”

  1. BEAUTIFUL pictures!!! Glad you had a good time, it’s always great to be able to say that 😀

  2. Yes, it was a real nice surprise, if you know what I mean. Of course, they’re back to being little terrors! But that’s ok.

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