7 Year Itch?

Hey, guess what? Graeme and I are celebrating our 7th anniversary today. And do you know who forgot? Me! I have been looking forward to it for awhile now, but it’s been a really stressful day and I forgot all about it. Take a look at Alex’s hair in the picture above. That hair style is thanks to Jackson. He also managed to clip a nice lock off Betty’s head as well. They piled a huge load of dried weeds on to the trampoline and dirtied my newly hung clothes on the line getting the weeds off! Jackson got undressed twice today only to put on Betty’s jeans and tried his best to wear Graeme’s undies as a blouse. I’m beginning to worry about that boy. Betty finger painted with her cream cheese sandwich this afternoon. I caught Jackson trying to leave the kitchen with my pizza cutter. It’s just been so crazy that I forgot.

Until, that is, Graeme brought me a card with a gift voucher for a favorite store. We decided to have a look at what the tradition says we should receive on year 7. And it’s WOOL! Yippee! What a cool idea for an anniversary. Graeme reckons that might be where the ‘7 Year Itch’ comes from. And Alex gave us another wonderful present. She lost her first tooth just before leaving for our evening walk tonight. Remind me to tell th Tooth Fairy to visit. She’s got another right beside it that’s probably gonna fall out tomorrow. Anyway, so much for ‘Wordless’ Wednesday!

~ by imadethis on August 22, 2007.

One Response to “7 Year Itch?”

  1. Happy Anniversary! Seven years — doesn’t it seem like forever-ago that you were dating and childless??

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