We went to Darlington today. I had to dispute a parking ticket. Alex closed the car door on her finger on arrival. I haven’t really visited much since we moved several year ago. That’s where Alex was born, who, by the way, lost that second tooth this morning. She worked on it for about an hour before telling me it ‘fell out’. It really feels like a milestone. As big as learning to walk. Last night I yelled at some ‘yobs’ who had managed to climb into my back garden. This happened at 1am. Alex woke up with a ‘nightmirror’ soon after. She asked me if the tooth fairy had visited and was very disappointed when she found the first pillow empty. Well that soon changed as she checked the next pillow and found 3 coins. She was so excited. She wants to make a thank you card for Toothie.

We had lunch at McDonald’s before going to TK MAXX to spend my voucher. Wait til you hear what I decided to spend it on.

1. Some Oilily trousers for Betty

2. A new overtheshoulderboulderholder

3. My very first girdle with longer legs, of course

4. A new nightgown

5. An insulated picnic hamper

NOBODY can say naught against those choices. What woman wouldn’t wanna those?

Anyway, it’s late and I suppose I should be getting to bed before 1- I pass out or 2- my bladder bursts.

Good Night!

~ by imadethis on August 23, 2007.

One Response to “Darling(ton)”

  1. I know what you mean about the teeth being a milestone. My son has his first loose tooth, and it has me feeling a bit… sad. It feels like it makes him older, and I’m not sure I am ready for him to truly be a big kid!!

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