this is the stuff that makes me smile

Alex took this picture while we were playing out back in the sun. We DO wear clothes, usually.

Today was another day in every sense of the word. It was surreal. Nothing major happened today, except that a bee stung Betty on the tip of her thumb. Graeme mowed the lawn, the kids played outside. When they were inside they behaved themselves. Jackson said I was pretty after I got dressed for the day. Later on he brought me a flower. He shared with both sisters and took extra good care of Betty today. Alex was well mannered and also looked after her siblings, sharing particularly well and helping me around the house.

Do you think I’ve turned a corner? This is really spooky, but also REALLY nice.


~ by imadethis on August 25, 2007.

One Response to “this is the stuff that makes me smile”

  1. Don’t you love days like that? Those kind of days leave me feel like I am SUCH a great mom, and raising kids is really no trouble at all, and heck, why don’t we go ahead and have another one!!! I wish most days felt that good.

    That is a very sweet picture of your family. 🙂

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