Rag Flower Brooch

Here’s my latest creation. I thought it best to get a head start on the Christmas gifts.

1. It took maybe 5 minutes to tear the fabric into 2 inch strips. I used around 4-5 different fabrics and about 5-10 strips of each. I like them fat, maybe half an inch wide. I don’t bother trying to make the strips even. I like the texture you get from just eyeballing the length and then tearing it. Much nicer. I just trim the ends if I need to after it’s all finished.

2. I did sew a circle onto the hessian fabric before starting. I’ve tried this before, too. It looks ok finished. This keeps the fabric from falling apart. I cut it out in a square then trim the edges once finished. I think it’s easier when you have that little bit extra to hold on to.

3. Then I just pulled them through hessian until I liked I got the desired effect. Now this is completely subjective and is down to your personal taste. You’ll see once you start. If you make pull through lots and close together then the effect tends to be full and bushy. If you pull the through fewer strips and farther apart, you’ll find that the fabric lays slightly flatter. You can see the fabric a bit better as well. But that’s how I like it. You might like it a different way altogether. But that’s the great thing about a project like this. Everything ends up looking great!

4. Don’t forget to trim the edges to make it nice and pretty.

5. Add a pin to the back anyway you can/want/like. I end up sewing it right onto the hessian with cotton floss/embroidery thread. I’d like to ‘finish’ the back before adding the pin, but I don’t know how. So this is what it looks like on the other side.

I originally found the pattern last year if you want to take a look. Oh yeah. Try to use cotton or something similar because otherwise it just doesn’t look right. Anyway, there will be more to follow. And they’re easy peasy. So have a go with your leftovers!


~ by imadethis on September 2, 2007.

One Response to “Rag Flower Brooch”

  1. Christmas gifts? You go girl!

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