snail love

This afternoon we were outside enjoying the sunshine. Jackson went inside to the bathroom, I thought. Soon after I heard him shout my name. He came outside and looked very sad and worried. I asked him what was wrong. Here’s what he said:

Jackson-“I lost my snail!”

me- “What snail?”

Jackson- “My best boy friend. He was in the house and I can’t find him.”

me- “Jackson, snails DO NOT belong in the house. Go get him out NOW!”

Jackson- “I’ve looked already. He’s gone. He’s my best boy friend and I really miss him. His name is Margaret Henry Jackson and he’s a boy like me. And Reece and Thomas. Can you find him?”

So we went inside into the grown up’s room. Here’s what we found. Gross me out! It left huge puddles of snail goo all over the hearth. Yuck. After I sent him outside to live with his own family and friends, Betty decided to style Jackson’s hair. They all had their pictures taken today at school. Pretty cute.

~ by imadethis on September 25, 2007.

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