Cozy is Now FINISHED!

Oh My God. I’ve finally finished a project! And just in time, too. My sister Susan, for whom the cozy is knitted, is here visiting with her daughter, Mary Stuart. I’m in the process of blocking it. I can’t wait until it dries. It’s cotton so it may take a while. Anyway, it’s has been a lot of fun so far. We had the traditional Sunday roast at The Old Farmhouse this afternoon. We all ate so much we collectively popped. Anyway, the knitting was fast, once I got started. I knitted in spurts of inspiration rather than tackling it as a project. It took a while to finish, but you can certainly appreciate the time it took to knit. You can also tell where I messed up in the counting before I bought a counter gadget, which I highly recommend. It remembers for you what row you left off. But the mishaps add to the charm.

Hope all is well with you! I’ll be visiting with Susan for a while, so I’ll have to chat at’cha a little later.


~ by imadethis on September 30, 2007.

2 Responses to “Cozy is Now FINISHED!”

  1. It is beautiful!! Great job!

  2. […] 2. I’ll be giving a knitted wrap to Debbie. I’m using really huge cartoon like needles to knit an old Shetland lace pattern. It’ll be quite holey once blocked. Very unlike the one I did for Susan. […]

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