Big Ideas

1. I was making homemade play-doh with the kids this afternoon and it occurred to me that I could make some really cool Christmas ornaments for our tree and gifts. I reckon all I have to do is get a cookie cutter, make the play-doh, make a hole in the ornament and bake. I was thinking I could solve the necessary hanging hole by pushing a button or something into the ornament that can be ‘popped out’ after baking.

2. I’ll be giving a knitted wrap to Debbie. I’m using really huge cartoon like needles to knit an old Shetland lace pattern. It’ll be quite holey once blocked. Very unlike the one I did for Susan.

3. Felt heart shaped ornaments embroidered with the year and something special to the recipient.

4. I’m embroidering a couple of door hangers for some very close friends. They’ll have a sweet saying and some buttons or something cool.

5. Sewing a couple of personalized draw string gift bags.

6. Baking some mexican wedding cookies, rocky road fudge, gingerbread cookies and sweet potato bread. Then I’ll divvy them up into little parcels and give them as gifts. (Will also be doing these for school Christmas Fayre)

7. Making a homemade gingerbread house with the kids. (that I totally intend to eat!!!)

8. Knit a couple of scarves for teachers’ gifts.

Those are some really big ideas, but I’m working on them!

Tomorrow’s Halloween and we’ll be going over to Wayside to celebrate. I can’t wait for the spooky walk up the lane. All the kids will have flash lights and the adults will be hiding, laying in wait for them to pass by. Then we’ll creep up and scare the living daylights out of them. Or at least I will be! I love that part. I used to love a good scare as a kid.

While it’s Halloween, it’s also parent evening at school. So we’ll be attending in costume. Should make for some interesting discussion.

What are you doing?


~ by imadethis on October 30, 2007.

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