Braided Fabric Wreath made by manic woman in need of crafting fix

OK, so I had a manic craft session this evening. We went to the park earlier today and took along a picnic. Came home and I was itching to make something. So I made a braided fabric wreath (It took two days in the end). It isn’t by any means perfect, but that’s ok. Nothing I make is ever perfect and I hate perfection anyway. (It doesn’t even exist, so how can I hate something nonexistent?) It’s also not Christmas in nature, which is also ok because I’d like to be able to have it up all year round.

1. So, first I decided on the fabric. I cut out (Tore, actually. I like rough edges.) 3 pieces of fabric approximately 4 feet long (3.5 feet ended up being ok.) by about 14 inches wide(4inches ended up working out a lot better! What was I thinking?). Again, I wanted fat plaits. (And boy did I get them!) Which reminds me. I was sitting at the table sewing and Alex was drawing hearts to use as patterns for the Christmas ornaments. (Which ended up as a garnish for the wreath.) Anyway, out of nowhere she up and asks me, “Mommy, what’s it like being fat?”  I felt like asking her what it’s like to be a cheeky little whatsit, but decided against it. After all. I am really fat. I’m the fattest I’ve ever been. Ever. I even weigh more than I did when I was pregnant. Which reminds me. I was at the doctor’s last week picking up a prescription when a friend I hadn’t seen in a very long time looked at me and remarked on how big I am getting. I remarked,” Yes! And I’m not even pregnant!” And on the playground, in front of the other mothers, Jackson began to rub my belly chanting ‘baby’.  I need to lose a serious amount of poundage.

2. So back to the pattern, of sorts. Then I folded them length ways right sides together and sewed them along the top, side and almost all along the bottom, leaving the top open to turn.

3. I turned them all inside out so the right side was showing.

4. I filled it with batting. This took such a long time. Especially since after realizing what a huge goof up I’d made with the first attempt, I ended up stuffing about 6 of these suckers. I’ve got two fabric snakes writhing around my living room. The kids use them to beat each other or to pretend to put out fires. Anyway, that 15mm knitting needle came in really handy for shoving the batting down to the end.

5. There’s no way I can explain how I managed to plait it all together. I make-shift sewed them altogether to start with, and then once plaited, sewed them together at the other end. I hand sewed in a very erratic manner at the back to get the ribbon loop on and the plaits to look like they ‘fit’ together.

Anyway, I proudly hung it on the door. Graeme passed by and cracked up.

Me: What?

G: giggle


G: uh hmmm. Well, it’s certainly original.

ME: I like it.

G: I know you spent a long time on this Trish.

Me: But?

G: It looks like someone ripped out your intestines and braided them, made a circle and hung it on the door.

Me: I still like it. And it’s staying.

G: giggle giggle snigger

Men. They’ve just no appreciation for art.

~ by imadethis on November 6, 2007.

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