More stuff. I need more stuff!

I’ve been concentrating on making the little purses. It would have been much quicker if I’d used ribbon rather than making the handles. But it looks loads better. I still don’t know how much to charge, but I’ve already sold two at £3 each and have personalized and made 2 tooth pillows for £2 each. I’ve since bought fabric paint to personalize rather than embroidering anything more. It just takes too long. So, total inventory after a week’s work (how sad) is:

28 purses

10 tooth pillows

30 magnets

10 clips

Good googilly moogilly.  That’s not much at all. But it’s gone so slowly, even with Hazel’s help. Hazel, THANK YOU for helping me make the little flowers for the purses. That’s another time consuming task. She helped me to knock out loads one morning over lunch and a good chat. Hazel’s so awesome.

Anyway, that’s still not a lot of inventory. But (and this is a great help) my Dad and Debbie are arriving tomorrow morning from the states. They’ll be with us until after the new year. I can crank out loads of stuff once they’re here. I’d like to have 40 each of the pillows and purses. I’ve also purchased some card stock to make some quilted cards (idea courtesy of craftapple). I reckon I can knock out 50 of those in a day. Once the fabric has been cut and pasted on, it’s just a matter of doing some stitches on the seams for effect. Maybe I should give 2 days for that. I’ve got another 30 magnets to make. That I can do this morning. I also have loads of hearts. I thought I’d blanket stitch 2 together with a bit of ribbon to hang on a tree or to tie onto a bookbag. Then I’ll use those trusty old paints to personalise them. I’ll only do a few and take orders. After reading Knitty McKnit Knit’s advice, I think I’ll seriously tone down the ‘made to order thing’. She’s right. She’s so clever, too. You should go over and say hi.

OK. That’s it for now. I’ll write more later. Here’s to hoping that I have enough to sell on the day. And that I’ve spent my time wisely!

: )

~ by imadethis on November 24, 2007.

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