“The Katy” or “Oh No You Didn’t!”

I’ve finally started a proper pattern. By that I mean something other than a rectangle or scarf. I’ve only ever knitted the cozy previously. Now I’m trying the Katy. I was searching the internet for free patterns and hit paydirt. It’s perfect and beautiful, to me anyway. I love that it harkens back to Little House on the Prairie. Very nice. It knits up easily as well. I think that’s why I haven’t started anything like this previously. The patterns seemed very complicated. But that’s what I thought about knitting lace before I realised how easy it is. But then everything’s easy once you know how!

I retrospect, I should have used a nicer yarn. I’m using a worsted weight wool mix. I found it at the thrift shop. Three HUGE skeins for ¬£1. I’ve been waiting for a chance to use it. A nice DK or finger weight would have been nicer. Even cotton DK would have been better. But it’s just for myself so I’m not too fussy. And I know the pictures are HORRIBLE.

Now, an incident has occurred since my last post that has really annoyed me. Jackson was on the playground playing with another little boy. They were chasing each other. Jackson was about to tag the other little boy, who had taken up residence by his Mom. Jackson did this turn and his hand hit the other little boy. I saw the whole thing, mind you. And I really don’t think Jackson meant to hit the other boy. But he did. Not hard, but on the side of his head. The boy was startled and started to cry. Now if this had happened to Jackson, having seen what happened, I would have said they were playing rough, calm down and would hope for an apology from the boy.

I immediately took Jackson’s hand and told him No Hitting. Even though it wasn’t intentional it’s still important to reinforce no hitting at any time. He apologised to the other little boy. I reiterated that he should be very careful when playing and kept him by my side from then on.

Now, as I was taking care of it, the other Mom also felt it necessary to say VERY LOUDLY that her son wants to play with Jackson, but not to play fight. She repeated this twice VERY LOUDLY. Now, as this was happening I suddenly heard Betty crying. I didn’t see what happened, but another mom’s son, who was standing with my other mom talking before all this happened, apparantly crashed into Betty. Or Betty crashed into him. Or they crashed into each other, I don’t know. I didn’t FREAK OUT ABOUT IT. I did make sure she was all right and cuddled her until we collected Alex.

Now, once home I realised that Jackson’s arm had marks where the other mom had held his arm WHILE TALKING TO HIM. I was livid. Furious. Why hadn’t I noticed it? I saw her, because she was literally right in front of me. Why hadn’t I told her to let go of my son, I’ve handled this already, thank you very much! Why didn’t I suggest that she police her own son, who on several occasions has been less than friendly toward Betty?

I wondered whether I should say anything to her the following day but decided that the moment had passed.

I don’t know what upsets me more. That she left marks on his arm or that I didn’t stand up for Jackson better.

It won’t happen again.

**I am more than willing to accept that my children are not angels and may sometimes, ok, often fall short of the mark. But they are NOT agressive children who wilfully hurt others.


~ by imadethis on January 22, 2008.

One Response to ““The Katy” or “Oh No You Didn’t!””

  1. I’m glad you’re trying the Katy shawl. Let me know if you have any questions.

    Hey Elizabeth! Thanks for stopping by. I find the pattern and find it incredibly easy to follow. I haven’t started the border yet, though. : ) I’ve already had some great comments on it so far. Thanks for the pattern!

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