5 instances it’s OK to say the F word

Thanks, Hazel, for sending this. It really made me smile. Especially since it’s already been such a crazy week! Graeme left for the week yesterday morning. Since then I’ve been to A&E (the ER), been called aside for a chat by Alex’s teacher to discuss her disruptive behaviour in class (She was taken out of her class and laughed at the teacher when she was told off, then told off again by the other teacher!) and vomited on first thing this morning, that wonderful smell of bile being the fist thing I smell.

So, that’s what’s going on over here so far. Can’t wait to see the rest of the week! At least I’ve had a chance to clean the house a bit. I need to do loads more, though. I might actually be able to find the time with Graeme out of the house!

Hope everyone else’s week is better than mine so far! : )


~ by imadethis on January 29, 2008.

4 Responses to “5 instances it’s OK to say the F word”

  1. What an awful week you are having!! I hate when my husband goes away. It always seems like that is when EVERYTHING happens. I think you need to stand at the top of a virtual mountain and have a nice, long, loud virtual scream. good luck and hang in there!!!

    Funny thing is, the house is cleaner, runs smoother, is quieter and cleaner than when Graeme is here! I’m not sure why, he’s certainly not lazy. But I will totally freak out if it all changes upon his return. He’ll be on the naughty step!

  2. That’s pretty funny!

    It’s hilarious. I’m glad they’re not me!

  3. OMG some of the photos are wild and crazy. I’ve saw the one before with the kids covering the living room in paint before and I would so not be happy. Can you imagine how you could have to throw out everything including the nice TV!!

    Yeah, the one with the paint looked awfully familiar!

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