Burocratic BS

Alex lost another tooth today! We get to try out her new tooth pillow.

Alex’s behaviour has been so good recently that I have invited a few of her friends over to watch High School Musical with popcorn and pizza tomorrow night. I was supposed to have a 2500 word essay for tomorrow’s IAG course, but have failed to deliver. I will need to email it to her by the end of the week. I’ve spoken to Alex’s head teacher regarding a long vacation we will be taking at the end of April through May. He’s only allowed to authorise 10 holiday days during term time per year. We will be using 20. He’s given me only two options. Either I don’t go or I take her off the school register (unenrol her from school) and then hope her place hasn’t been taken by another child upon return. I wasn’t happy with either so I spoke to the council (Education Board), specifically the attendance department, and was told that he could authorise 10 and have 10 unauthorised but that taking her out of school is not an option, nor should it be particularly because Crooksbarn is a very popular and over subscribed school. So I will write a letter and that’s that. She was very nice and forthright, which I appreciated. I certainly assumed that by being transparent and honest about the trip with the head that I would receive a better outcome. It turns out he’s just being awkward. I think I will ask him to authorise 10 of the 20 and if not, I couldn’t care less. It’s the school that will suffer the statistics rather than Alex.

Men and burocracy just don’t mix.


~ by imadethis on February 26, 2008.

One Response to “Burocratic BS”

  1. Where are you going on vacation? Are you coming to the states?

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