A Very Special Duke

You’ll never believe this, but I actually WENT OUT last Saturday night! I know, I know. You can pick your jaw up off the floor now. I recently discovered that a friend of mine from playgroup is actually very very VERY cool and I like her a real lot. So much so that Graeme has likened it to a crush. But then men don’t understand how hard it can be to find a real friend, someone you can really talk to, share interests with and laugh your head off together! Oh, and most importantly help each other navigate the minefield that is Motherhood.

In any case, Ali, my friend, asked me to go to a concert with her and her friend. I said yes, even though I’d never heard of the group. It wouldn’t have mattered, to be honest. I was just excited about going out! So the big night came and I wore a linen skirt (elastic waist) with a black sleeveless t-shirt and my Birks. I say all this because I had no idea what to wear. The last concert I went to I wore jeans, a t-shirt and a can of beer.

Anyway, we went to see a guy called Duke Special. He played at the Arc here in Stockton. The atmosphere and ambiance was incredible. Cafe tables, tealights softly glowing, were scattered around the stage front, some standing room in the back, with a bar to set your drinks on (I hate that last sentence, ending it with a . But the alternative sounds super snobby) and it was all within a fairly intimate space. You could see the nasal hairs, should you so wish, we were so close.

Anyway, A local band opened, good, but the lead singer was way off key on several occasions. I suffered through this one. They were followed by the MOST incredible acoustic artist I’ve ever heard (live, anyway). She sent chills up and down my spine and made Aly cry. (No, I know you’re not weird or unusually emotional. We women have a tendency to cry when something remarkable happens, like childbirth, weddings (even if you don’t really know the couple), baptisms, when you hear your child say “I Love You, Mommy” for the first time and anything else that moves us.

Anyway, some of my favourites are:

Freewheel. I really love these animated versions. The music is brilliant and sounds more like the actual experience than all the videos I’ve looked at. But this is a gorgeous video.

Maps is really pretty, but the Yeah Yeah Yeahs do a really rockin’ cover.

No Cover is beautiful.

Last Night I Nearly Died was so cool. We sang the chorus on cue and the audience participation was electric.

Closer to the Start


Our Love Goes Deeper than this is also a great audience participation song. Great theatrics as well. Here’s a video that gives an idea of what it’s like to be in the audience.

Portrait. Pay attention to the drummer. He’s awesome!

Slip of a Girl is a great theatrical performance.

Applejack is a great one with Rea Curren, who played with Duke Special and Chip Bailey, who is the best drummer I have ever seen.

I had an exceptionally wonderful time with Barry and Ali. I can’t wait to do it again with Graeme. I plan to get a little tipsy, dance and tell Graeme “I Love You” A LOT. : ) Graeme and I and Aly and Richard, possible Amanda and Alan and hopefully Barry are all going in November to see, what I believe to be a kick butt evening, To The Manchester Born. I’ll let you know what happens.


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