Wallpaper Box

1. Buy a box of any type and size. Get your Elmers Glue or any other white crafting glue. The cheaper the better.

2. Go to any store that gives out wallpaper swatches. I chose Laura Ashley. They gave me a ton and they are huge in size. I’ll be able to use them in loads more projects.

3. Choose an area of the paper that you want to use. Trace around the box.

4. Spread the glue over the box. I had a very enthusiastic helper.

5. Repeat until you have covered your whole box. I’ve chosen different patterns. I like the funky shabby look.

Keep on going until you like what you see.

I’d like to paint the actual box white. Then I’ll apply some varnish over everything for protection.

You could embellish the box with all sorts of things; stickers, fabric, glitter, photos, scrapbooking ideas and accessories… the list is endless.

*** If anyone makes a box, will you please send a picture? I’d really like to see how yours turns out.


~ by imadethis on September 11, 2008.

One Response to “Wallpaper Box”

  1. That is a seriously awesome idea! And what a beautiful little helper. 🙂

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