Nature Bowls

Watching summer change to Autumn has always been one of my all time favourite things. And it provides an abundance of teaching opportunities. Why do the shadows fall differently? What makes it get colder? Why do the leaves change colour? Where do the flowers go? and many many more, all provided by your curious children.

A great catalyst to open up the floodgates of discussion is to make a Nature Bowl. We’ve used trips to the park, walks to the village and planned trips to Woodland Parks to gather as many different of examples Autumn as possible.

The collection doesn’t need to be exotic. One of the easiest and attractive is simply a bowl of pine cones. The intention of this excersise isn’t necessarily to write and deliver a lesson plan. No. No. No. It’s to explore and discover the meaning of Autumn with your children. And to laugh and kick leaves. That’s actually required.

Have fun!!!

~ by imadethis on November 1, 2008.

One Response to “Nature Bowls”

  1. hey I used to do this as a kid ,with my pop. we collected all sorts of dry leaves and cones and even painted some of them…..
    it was great fun…

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