a glimpse of adolescence

So Jackson disappeared underneath my chair and came out with an old broken telephone handset. He immediately called a boy in his class… the naughtiest boy. I hesitate to point out that Jackson runs a close second. Anyway, as Jackson’s chatting away, Betty says she wants to call her friend. Jackson immediately switches to:

JacksonHey Sara. No, Betty isn’t here.
Betty – Jaaaoooooeeecckk!
Me Jackson! That’s not nice. Let Betty speak to Sara.
JacksonShe’s gone on an airplane.
Me – Jack!
JacksonI’m just pretending!
Me – Pretend Sara wants to speak to Betty!
Jackson OK. OK. She’s still not here, but she’ll be back. She went to the doctor to have her butt looked at because her butt is broken and he has to fix her butt.
Betty – Aaaaaaaaoooooooooowwwwwwww!!!! Mom!
Me – Jackson, give me the phone.

We’re just off to see Gran. Jackson’s in his Scooby Dooby Poopie  costume, riding with Betty on Alex’s back. I can see this ending in tears.

~ by imadethis on March 8, 2009.

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