What’s a happenin’, Hot Stuff?

Well, hasn’t it been a really long time since my last post? I’m not sure how to start off. Not a whole lot has happened….just life. Except, of course, that I’m now working full-time. That takes up a lot of my energy, although all I’m doing is sitting down all day answering insurance calls. To be honest, it’s a lot more than just that. It consumes all my energy in a day listening to everyone’s insurance claims. Oh, and Betty is in full-time school. And Graeme has a new job title… something like the Quality Assurance Manager for the whole of the NorthEast of England. I’m so proud of him. I called my sister yesterday for a catch-up . She’s a VERY busy stay-at-home mom of four who still finds time to volunteer as an Ob/Gyn. How she has the energy I’ll never know. I’m worn out just thinkin’ about it. I really mean it…

What else? Well, we are now official pet-owners. We have two guinea pigs named Gubbles and Speedy.

We have a new sofa suite and are finally decorating the house…as in this week. We’re having the hallway and stairs wallpapered and painted. Next month will be the flooring. But I’ll take a picture once it’s finished.

Projects…. I’ve started and frogged too many to describe.

Betty wore my shirt today, see? It used to look this.

Dad and Debbie have been over while now. I’m trying to get them to commit to Christmas already. But I might be pushing it. Betty attended her first school birthday party. She boogied with the best of them…. Any way. I suppose that’s all I can get away with at the moment. I need to get the kids ready for bed.

~ by imadethis on June 7, 2010.

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