To Do List:

1. make personalised wash cloths for the kids. I’d sew their names on a nice thick cotton washcloth using scraps of their old clothes to spell their names.

2. knit a triangle shawl that has some open bits. An old ‘Little House on the Prairie’ shawl.

3. knit a sleeveless dress for Alex to wear over a t-shirt and leggings or jeans.

4. crochet proper granny square ponchos for Alex and Betty. (that will not fall apart)

5. sew star and heart ornaments for the Christmas tree out of scraps of old children’s clothes.
heart ornaments

6. finish sewing that doggone quilt!

7. knit a patchwork blanket to curl up in during the winter.

8. sew a pin cushion out of some completely audacious material.

9. sew lots of funky skirts of all lengths (except really short!) for Alex, giving each one a theme, embellishing with appliqué  and needlework.

10. learn to take great black and white photographs.

11. sew flower lapel pins made from scraps of clothing

12. cross stitch a family sampler that I design based on early American designs

13. sew some 60’s style dresses for me! The kookier the better. Buy fabric at thrift shops or really cheap on eBay. Maybe use old curtains!

14. sew some dresses for Alex with ruffle edges and smocking across the chest. Preferably out of some really audacious fabric that looks like it should be covering a sofa.

15. sew a grocery bag holder to the clutter to a minimum

16. print out some homemade designs (definitely some that the kids make) on transfer paper. Iron onto cheap t-shirts and make her wear them to nursery.

17. make some homemade jam, cover with pinked (as in with pinking shears) gingham and ribbon. Give as gifts.

18. make some homemade wreaths of eucalyptus

19. make all the adult Christmas gifts this year. (because I’d like to do something truly special and unique. NOT because I’m miserly, although I am married to a Scot)

20. Go away by myself for at least three days and two nights. I’d relax, get a massage everyday, sauna, steam room, facials and stay in bed as long as I like. Oh yeah, and order LOADS of room service.


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  1. Hi I love your Heart Ornaments! Do you have any for sale? Do you know where I could find handmade angels or hearts like yours for sale? Made of cloth or felt. Thanks.Betsy

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