Cowpen Bewley

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Cowpen Bewley



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Goodness Me

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It’s been a LONG time since I’ve updated this blog and I am really sorry. I’ve been studying and working like a mad woman. But, particularly for Mom and Dad’s sake, I’ll be keeping this more current from now on. I can’t say that I’ve been crafting as much as I’d like to. And haven’t even finished the needlework project I started 2 years ago! But I have managed to earn an Advanced Certificate in Early Years Education and am now and Early Years Professional. What am I currently reading? Well, I finally watched The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo last weekend and have been hooked by the whole storyline. So I immediately went to the library and checked out The Girl Who Played With Fire. I love it already. I’ve also been listening to Ani DiFranco and the Fleet Foxes. I really love Mykonos.
The kids have shot up like weeds. You’d never recognise them. Alex wears my shoes and she’s only 10. Jackson is the tallest in his class but still sleeps with Grover. And little Betty. Well, she’s tallest in her class, too. But also the widest, I’m afraid. She’s confident and opinionated. I love it.


More about Alex. She decided to try riding her Aunty Caz’s horse, Splash. It turns out she’s a natural. That was six weeks ago. Yesterday she rode Sonny, walking him around the arena all by herself. She helped to muck out Orange, another pony in the stables. She was able to call Orange by name and I watched him go to her like a dog would to its owner. I was amazed. Finally she mounted Splash. She walked him around the arena and then was allowed to trot, which is when my phone ran out of memory. Anyway, I watched her trot Splash around, taking him from corner to corner, stopping and walking and trotting again. Then (Did I mention she’s having weekly lessons?), her teacher, Sophie, placed a reign on Splash. She stood in the center of the circle and let Alex trot in a circle. Then came the good part. Alex kicked Splash’s side and he started to canter. It was amazing watching Alex in full control. She cantered for a good while before being let loose to walk Splash half-way around the arena only to turn and canter OVER A JUMP! Good gravy I about cried I was so proud of her!!

Anyway, there’s more to come of life this side of the pond shortly.
Take care for now!!

Eating Habits

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This could be the reason why I can’t fit into my skinny jeans …..

Job Interview

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I have a job interview today for a ‘Trainee Sales Consultant’. Which means that I’ll be expected to cold call etc. I’m not sure what the salary is or bonus package….I’m just going for the experience. Who knows, though. It may turn out to be better than Orange. I’ve been feeling rather calm lately. Ususally I feel very tired and yet somehow restless at the same time. But I’ve actually been able to get rid of some things from the house as well. So that’s calm and productive. Very unusual. Graeme’s away this week. I hate it when he goes away. I miss him something rotten. He’ll be home again tomorrow, thankfully. I was going to have coffee with a friend this morning but she has an optician’s appt she forgot about. I’m kinda glad as my house is in a state! Anyway, 3 weeks until my mom arrives. I can’t wait. Neither can the kids, although they hardly know her, really. This visit will be a blast. I’m really looking forward to having Mom around. Hopefully we’ll have an opportunity to travel to Scotland or the Lake District. In any case…I’d better go and get ready.

>>>>I’m back from the interview. They’ve asked me back for an open day on Monday. But they would do, wouldn’t they? It’s commission based ONLY!!!! Arrggghhhhh……..<<<<<<<<<<<

A New Career?

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Well, I’ve sent off my application for the Early Years Professional Status program. I’ll keep you posted as to what happens next. Anyone interested in knowing what it’s all about can click here. Wish me luck!


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I don’t know about anyone else, but I HATE housework. AND I’m a would-be hoarder, which makes it all so much worse because there’s all this guilt involved. Fortunately my husband loves me despite my aversion to organisation. What about you guys? Do you hate housework as much as I do? Or are your homes ‘grown up homes’ where the pictures on the walls make sense?